Casa de Coffee
                -Fall 2006

Casa de Coffee, which was written by Brooks locals Nicole Jennissen and Rob Brown, is a light hearted but cynical look at one day in the life of a pretentious coffee shop. Jennissen, who directed the play and says the setting was key to the entire production.

"The interior area of the campus cafeteria replicated a coffee house down to the small details," said Jennissen.

The play centers around one shift of work in the coffee house. New employee Sarah Findle starts her first day at a new job as a waitress and she, along with the audience is introduced to a wide array of opinionated characters.

The performances were also presented as dessert theatre.

Co-writer Brown said this particular production provided him the opportunity to scratch a real particular itch - seeing the company tackle an original Brooks-written play.

"I'm sure this will open up the idea of doing more original work here in the city," he said.

Thanks to Medicine Hat College - Brooks Campus for use of their venue.

Nicole Jennissen Molly (Barista) Joe Chomistek Art Corvelay 
Katelyn Morishita Sarah Findle Michael Glynn Macdonald Frank Steadman
Keen Bean 
Rob Brown Wayne Rutherford
Kirk Jennissen Ipod Guy
Arnold Burkholder Alexander Banks Cathryn Krochak Handi-Gal Gail 
Janessa Connor Donna Pateson
Dusty High Horse
Jean Vaughan Open Mic Performer 
Avery Jennissen News Paper Kid Debbie Najda Open Mic Performer 
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