Drinks with a Side of Jack
A Tumbleweed Fundraiser - October 1/2011

Held at Medicine Hat College - Brooks Campus
Catering provided by Debbie Najda and Tina Andruschak, served by Kelsey Larocque.
Piano Arrangements performed by Mark Harris.
Bartending by Michael Glynn Macdonald

Tumbleweed Sings:
Debbie Najda - Tammy by Debbie Reynolds
Michael Glynn Macdonald - Candle in the Wind by Elton John
Nicole Jennissen - Taylor by Marcy Heisler (lyrics) and Zina Goldrich (music)

The Joe Chomistek Show (Jack Benny)
"High Noon" Performed by:
Joe Chomistek - Jack Benny
Michael Glynn Macdonald - Don Wilson
Debbie Najda - Gertrude/Mary Livingstone/Cy
Nicole Jennissen - Mabel/Dennis Day
Cordell Dyck - Rochester/Justice
Arnold Burkholder - Bob Crosby/Sue
                                                                   Cathryn Krochak Caller/Announcer/Pauline/Sound Effects

Special thank you's out to all that contributed in some fashion:
O'sheas    Pros & Joes    Terry Connor    Shannon Ruppert    Michael Macdonald    Mary Burkholder    Tina Andruschak    Debbie Najda    The Brooks Hotel    The One 101.1    Pam Hauser    Mayor Martin Shields    Mara Nesbitt    Cathryn Krochak    Stephanie Connor    The Brooks Bulletin (Photography and Posters)        Medicine Hat College - Brooks Campus. 

Photography - Jan Beecher, The Brooks Bulletin

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