Homegrown - Local Playwright's Festival

-Spring 2009

Homegrown - Local Playwright's Festival was a two weekend festival featuring dramatic short works from authors and directors in Brooks and Newell county.

This festival took place on March 6th-7th & 13th-14th with many shows available to view.

March 6th & 13th
Therapy by Katelyn Morishita
So I Was Thinking by Joe Chomistek
Christmas with Lady Patricia by Jerry Giroldi

March 7th & 14th afternoon
Waiting For Coffee by Micheal Glynn Macdonald
Carl Anderson By Rosemary Koch

March 7th & 14th evening
Cultural Exchange by Jerry Giroldi
Secret Me by Nicole Jennissen
I Hate Musicals I, II, & III by Michael Glynn Macdonald