Home Grown IV
                      - spring 2012

Friday Night Line Up - March 2 & 9

The Playwright's Quandry - written by Jerry Giroldi, 
- performed by:  Nicole Jennissen, Cathryn Krochak, Pamela Hauser, Janessa Connor, Stefanie Connor, Ashleigh Wells, Debbie Najda.

Vegas Vignette - written by Jerry Giroldi; Directed by Arnold Burkholder
-performed by:  Janessa, Connor - Narrator; Janelle Oldenburger - Polly Flannel; Ashleigh Wells - Esther Flannel; Arnold Burkholder - Fabio; Debbie Najda - Ethel; Stefanie Connor - Smedley; Kevin Rempel/Kaitlin Brodie - couple at table

I Found An Island - written and performed by Amy Dyck

Airline (What happens in the air, stays in the air...) - written and performed by the cast:
Arnold Burkholder, Stefanie Connor, Joe Chomistek, Kevin Rempel, Ashleigh Wells, Pamela Hauser, Tina Andruschak, Nicole Jennissen, Janessa Connor

Memories and Fools - written by Kevin Rempel
- performed by Cordell Dyck

A Guy's Guide to a Perfect Date - written by Cordell Dyck and Kevin Dyck (with contributions from Aaron Senneker); directed by Cordell Dyck
- performed by:  Arnold Burkholder - Professor Lovesmith; Kevin Rempel - Kevin Collins; Janelle Oldenburger - Michelle McFee; Kaitlin Brodie - Professor's Assistant; Joe Chomistek - Mr. McFee; Tina Andruschak - Mrs. McFee

Carl Anderson Movie - written and performed by Joe Chomistek
A shameless plug for the Scandia Museum.  For donations - please contact Joe Chomistek
God - written and directed by Nicole Jennissen
-performed by:  Nicole Jennissen, Tanya Elliott, Stefanie Connor, Ashleigh Wells, Anneliese Gietz, Kevin Rempel, Jake Jennissen, Cathryn Krochak, Kaitlin Brodie, Maya Jennissen, Debbie Najda, Janessa Connor, Pamela Hauser, Arnold Burkholder;  special appearance by Cordell Dyck
Saturday Night Line Up - March 3, 10
A Watress' Life - written by Debbie Najda; directed by Tanya Elliot
-performed by:  Debbie Najda, Kevin Rempel, Kaitlin Brodie, Pamela Hauser, Ashleigh Wells, Anneliese Gietz, Nicole Jennissen, Tina Andruschak, Kirk Jennissen, Arnold Burkholder
Our Town - Scandia - written by Michelle Gietz; directed by Joe Chomistek
Excerpts from Michelle Gietz's book "It Was Our Town".
-performed by:  Michelle Gietz, Joe Chomistek, Harrison Gietz, Maya Jennissen
A comparative Study of Syphilis and Parenthood or Why I'd Rather Have Syphilis Than Teenagers
- written and performed by Nicole Jennissen
- if something goes wrong technically, please blame Janessa Connor
Eva - written and performed by Kevin Rempel
Salespeople Are People Too - written by Amy Dyck; directed by Arnold Burkholder
-performed by: Arnold Burkholder, Nicole Jennissen
Just a Shadow - written by Rachael Wells; performed by Ashleigh Wells
Passion Flake - written by Amy Dyck; performed by Cordell Dyck
A Mother's Heart - written by Rachael Wells; performed by Ashleigh Wells
Song of the Disatisfied - written by Rachael Wells; performed by Cordell Dyck
Dissent - directed by Nicole Jennissen; choreography by the cast
-performed by: Kaitlin Brodie, Stefanie Connor, Pamela Hauser, Jake Jennissen, Nicole Jennissen, Cathryn Krochak, Debbie Najda, Kevin Rempel, Ashleigh Wells
A Prodigious Son - written by Amy Dyck; directed by Pamela Hauser
Dedicated to the memory of George Newton...
-performed by:  Arnold Burkholder - Derek, Joe Chomistek - Lou Sr, Cathryn Krochak - Brianne, Anneliese Gietz - Anna, Stefanie Connor - Jolene Mason, Kevin Rempel - Lou Jr.
Every evening after the intermission...
Way Too Close and Far Too Personal with Nik and Deb
or The Nik and Deb Show
Nicole Jennissen and Debbie Najda are back with a live talk show where nothing is scripted!  A unique show every night of the festival.
March 2 special guest:  Martin Shields - Mayor of The City of Brooks
March 3 special guest:  Sue Chomistek - Superintendant of the Grasslands School Division
March 9 special guests: Harvey Burkholder - Ventriliquist from Three Hills Alberta, Paul Macdonald - Radio DJ from The One 101.1 and the new Head Librarian at the Brooks Library.
March 10 special guests: Kevin Andruschak - Husband of Tina AndruschakFernando and Fay Dyck - Parents of Cordell Dyck
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