Night of the Living Dead
                                 -October 2011

Director - Michael Glynn Macdonald
Stage Manager - Pam Hauser
Lighting, Sound, and Zombie Make-up - Nicole Jennissen
Set Construction and Design - Cathryn Krochak

Cast in Order of Appearance:
Madison Hauser - Barbara
Michael Glynn Macdonald - Johnny/TV Doctor
Kirk Jennissen - Red Herring/Cop Zombies
Stephanie Connor - Barbara Attack/House Zombie
Kendra Dafoe - Dead Body/Zombie
Cordell Dyck - Ben
Kaitlin Brodie - First House Attack Zombie
Shannon Ruppert - First House Attack Zombie
Debbie Najda - News Reporter/Zombie
Arnold Burkholder - Tom
Joe Chomistek - Harry
Kelsey Larocque - Judy
Alicia Lasante-Macdonald - Helen
                                                                          Barry Morishita - TV Interviewer
                                                                         Skylar Hoffman - Zombie
                                                                         Ricki Redelback - Zombie
                                                                         Chase Redelback - Zombie
                                                                         Travis Olson - Zombie
                                                                         Maya Jennissen - Karen

Plot Synopsis - The play follows Ben, Barbara, and five others, who are trapped in a rural farmhouse and attempt to survive the night while the house is being attacked by mysteriously reanimated ghouls, otherwise known as zombies.

Director's Notes - Keeping in the tradition of Halloween and with the great success of last fall's production of "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", it was easy for me to pick this years fall show.  Rob Brown and I planned to do this years ago.  In fact he borrowed the original screenplay novelization and adapted it for stage back in 2006.  Earlier this year we got together and reworked it a bit and then when I started the show a few more liberties were taken.  Along with adapting the film to stage, fans of George A. Romero will notice a few quotes and references from his 1979 sequel "Dawn of the Dead". When I originally saw the film on television years ago I couldn't help but notice the film IS essentially a stage play, the majority of the action and drama taking place in the living room of an old farmhouse.  It was originally titled "Night of the Flesh Eaters" and filmed on a budget of about $20000 (1967 dollars).  Unfortunately Romero and writer John Russo only trademarked the "Flesh Eaters" name and "Night of the Living Dead" became public domain, which is why we can do this without having to pay royalties.  I hope you will have fun with this revamping of the classic film and enjoy all the love, gore, energy, and inspiration we have put into it. - Michael Glynn Macdonald - Director

Last updated 10/29/11