Richard III
- by William Shakespeare
                                                               - Summer 2009 

The summer of 2009 saw Tumbleweed bring a winter of discontent to Evergreen Park in Brooks for their annual Little Bard on the Prairie offering.

Taking their cues from artist Edward Gorey, Tumbleweed's costumes, set design, make-up and even poster design took on a much more darker and edgier feel.

With Richard III, Tumbleweed tackled their second Shakespearean tragedy and their single longest running production yet.

Shakespeare's most diabolical villain was brought to life with Arnold Burkholder taking the title role and Michael Glynn Macdonald returning to helm his third Shakespeare production after a two year absence.

Cast in alphabetical order:
Tina Andrushak Tyrell
Emma Jennissen
Messenger #2
Arnold Burkholder Richard III Jake Jennissen Messenger #1 
Joe Chomistek Hastings Nicole Jennissen  Queen Elizabeth 
Dayton Crossland
Clarence  Cathryn Krochak  Ratcliff 
Amy Dyck Norfolk  Kelsey Larocque  Duke of York 
Cordell Dyck Buckingham Michael Glynn Macdonald  Richmond/Murderer
Olivia Gallant Catesby  Barry Morishita King Edward IV 
Jerry Giroldi Archbishop/Guard Katelyn Morishita Lady Anne 
Emma Hauk Messenger #3 Debbie Najda Rivers
Ed Hauser Mayor Jean Vaughan Duchess of York
Madison Hauser Prince Edward Samantha Vogt Messenger #4
Pamela Hauser Stage Manager Shannon Vossepoel Oxford