-Spring 2006

Greg and Kate, their children grown, move to Manhattan where Greg's career unravels while Kate's takes off. Greg, experiencing mid-life crisis, finds abandoned Sylvia whose street smarts and riotous outlook on life, revives him. Meanwhile Greg's preoccupation with Sylvia creates friction with Kate. Kate feels Sylvia is a rival for her husband's affection, while Sylvia thinks that Kate doesn't grasp the bond between man and man's best friend. Even with advice from friends and a therapist whose gender is not readily apparent, the marriage teeters on the edge. Until, through some lively and heartwarming scenes, the couple reconcile and accept each other and their unpredictable, yet endearing new member of the family, Sylvia. The hook to the entire production is that Sylvia is played by an actor - in this case Tumbleweed regular Debbie Najda.

Brian Crumblehulme, director of Sylvia said the draw for him was the intelligence of the script.

"All productions start with a good script and move forward," he said.