Taming of the Shrew
                                       - Summer 2006

Original Press Release:

Tumbleweed Theatre is getting ready for their second annual summer production of William Shakespeare in Brooks, with 2006's production of The Taming of the Shrew to be performed at 7pm from July 21-23 and 28-30 in Evergreen Park in Brooks, Alberta.

"It is a classic play with common and relevant themes still today.", says the productions director Michael Glynn Macdonald.

Macdonald chose to incorporate a more modern approach to the play by conveying a message of equality into the context of the performance.

"By today's standards, the play, on the surface, is socially archaic and extremely sexist, but thanks to the fact that human's comprehension of communication is 20 percent what you say and 80 percent how you say it, we have taken some subtle creative liberties that flavor the play slightly, to give you a more amiable take on Shrew.", he says.

The tale is set around the courtship of beautiful Bianca who cannot entertain any suitors until her older sister Katharina is wed first.  The group of Bianca's suitors devise various ways and means to woo Bianca and marry off Katharina to a money loving bachelor, Petruchio.  However, Katharina wants nothing to do with suitor Petruchio, and there are too many suitors after Bianca's affection.

Robert Brown Petruchio Michael Macdonald Hortensio 
Arnold Burkholder Lucentio  Katelyn Morishita Bianca 
Joe Chomistek Tranio  Kari Musgrove Katherina 
Brian Crumblehulme Gremio/Player  Debbie Najda Baptista 
Mary Crumblehulme Stage Andrew Penner Biondello 
Tina Haagensen Pedant  Cassandra Socchia Tailor 
Nicole Jennissen Grumio/Servant Jean Vaughan Vincentia 
Cathryn Krochak Stage  Pat Walsh Christopher Sly