The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
October 29th and 30th
November 5th and 6th
Directed by - Michael Glynn Macdonald
Stage Manager - Pam Hauser 
Cast in order of appearance:
Kevin Rempel -                  Francis
Debbie Najda -                   Dr.Olsen/Cop/Nurse
Amy Dyck -                       Alan/Robber/Nurse
Cordell Dyck -                    Dr. Caligari
Tina Andruschak -              Clerk/Cop/Aid
Madison Hauser -               Assistant/Screamer
Michael Glynn Macdonald - Cesare
Kelsey Larocque -               Jane Olsen
Host/Lighting/Sound:          Arnold Burkholder
Musical Score:                   Mark Harris
Set Construction:               Ed Hauser
A "silent films" production.