The Good Doctor
                     - Summer 2004 

In 2003, Brian Crumblehulme moved to Brooks, and within a few months made contact with Rob Brown and Michael Glynn Macdonald, and immediately the trio started making plans for a spring/summer production of something.

"Our play selection did depend a lot on who came out of the woodwork and who was interested in being on stage," says Macdonald.

By early 2004, community feelers had been put out to gauge responses about the potential theatre company in Brooks.

"The response was overwhelming," says Crumblehulme.

In late spring 2004, their production of Neil Simon's The Good Doctor took to the stage at the Griffin Park Theatre with 15 cast members and another 10 working behind the scenes.

"The Good Doctor was a script that we knew we could put on with a cast of three or four, or upwards of twenty," said Crumblehulme.

The Good Doctor was a series of vignettes, humorous, musical and comedic that explored everyday situations, a bank robbery, a public drowning and the meeting of two retired military generals in a park.