Twelfth Night
-by William Shakespeare
                 - Summer 2008

Shakespeare's tale of shipwrecked twins was Tumbleweed's choice for their 2008 Shakespeare in the Park production.

Twelfth Night brought a return to comedy for the Tumbleweed cast, helmed by director Rob Brown.

Bright colours for the set and costumes complimented the "always live" mindset of the 2008 production.

"We tried to capture a lot of spontaneity and discovery of the rehersal process and keep it all the way to the final curtain of the final show," said Brown.

Cast in Alphabetical order.

 Quinton Amundson  Antonio
 Travais Anderson  Extra
 Tina Andruschak  Valentine
 Arnold Burkholder  Duke Orsino
 Rob Brown  Officer/Priest
 Tina Cleary   Curio
 Bob Cromwell   Captain
 Cordell Dyck  Sir Toby Belch
 Jerry Giroldi  Sir Andrew Aquecheek
 Kirk Jennissen  Extra
 Nicole Jennissen  Olivia
 Michael Glynn Macdonald  Malvolio
 Debbie Najda  Feste, a clown
 Austin Penner  Sabastian
 Melanie Snyder   Viola/Cesario
 Jean Vaughan  Fabian