Village of Idiots - Fall 2009
                   by John Lazarus
"A young Jew deserting the Russian Army finds himself in legendary Chelm, the Village of Idiots - where an enterprising married couple survives by selling glasses of schnapps to each other; where a traveller claims to have grown up in another Chelm, exactly like this one; and where it is forbidden to walk upon the first snow of the winter.  A quirky comedy based on a beloved tradition of Jewish folklore."
- Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data
Lazarus, John, 1947 - Village of Idiots
Directed by - Arnold Burkholder
Stage/Props/Costume Manager - Pam Hauser
Stage and Prop Construction - Cathryn Krochak
"There are 2 types of people, Chelmniks and   ......Outsiders!"

 Thanks to Murray Mack for use of the space.

Cast in order of appearance:
Zalman - Arnold Burkholder
Zlateh - Jannessa Connor
Mesholem - Joe Chomistek
Yosef - Avery Jennissen
Shmendrick - Cassandra Socchia
Zisyah -  Carla Yewchuk
Rabbi - Jerry Giroldi
Rebbetsin - Jean Vaughan
Miriam - Olivia Gallant
Feyvel - Mathew Harper
Feigela - Madison Hauser
Ugly Chelmnik - Arnold Burkholder
Pretty Chelmnik - Cassandra Socchia
Gittel - Nicole Jennissen
Russian Officer - Cordell Dyck
Private Brodsky - Cathryn Krochak
Russian Soldiers - Nicole Jennissen, Madison Hauser, Ed Hauser
Chelmnik on Hands - Shiana Martens

Production Baby - Azriel Dyck