Tumbleweed Theatre Q and A

What is Tumbleweed Theatre?

Tumbleweed Theatre in a community theatre group formed in Brooks, Alberta. Tumbleweed is committed to offering a wide and diverse selection of plays and is always looking for input from community - the very definition of community theatre.

How did Tumbleweed Theatre get started in Brooks and how did it evolve to where it is today?

Tumbleweed Theatre began in late 2003 with Brian Crumblehulme, Michael Glynn Macdonald and Rob Brown deciding to form a community theatre as it was something the town of Brooks was lacking in terms of cultural attraction. Interest advertisements were placed in the local papers and the group grew from there, to an eventual production of Neil Simon's The Good Doctor in Spring 2004. Today, Tumbleweed continues to offer the live theatre experience to patrons.

What kind of plays does Tumbleweed Theatre offer?

Tumbleweed Theatre's choice of plays varies from lighthearted to serious, comic to tragic, and common to noble. Our intent is to produce a full spectrum of programming that will gain audiences attention through comedy, drama and most all, acting.

Where did the Tumbleweed Theatre name come from?

The name came from a democratic vote of those first interested in Tumbleweed, some 30 members of the public.

Who owns the Tumbleweed Theatre?

Tumbleweed Theatre Company is currently a non-profit organization who is only looking for funding for various costs associated with play production. How big is Tumbleweed Theatre in terms of volunteers, shows per year, number of customers etc.? Depending on the size of the shows, between 10 and 25 for productions, and usually three shows per year.

Does Tumbleweed Theatre operate year round?

Tumbleweed Theatre offers a three "main stage" productions balanced over the course of their season, and works on smaller scale productions in between larger endeavors.

What are the primary reasons for Tumbleweed Theatre?

Tumbleweed Theatre aims to present high-caliber, community theatre performances.

What are the biggest challenges facing Tumbleweed Theatre?

The biggest challenge is enticing new patrons to get in their vehicles and drive the road to discovery of Tumbleweed. Other challenges facing Tumbleweed Theatre include:

  • Recognition of Brooks as a viable source for dramatic entertainment.
  • More diversified and secure sources of revenue outside of ticket sales and program sales.
  • Additional performance space to adequately meet the needs of budgets.
  • Attracting community members to become involved in Tumbleweed.

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance or can I buy them when I arrive at the door to performances?

Currently, Tumbleweed Theatre sells tickets in advance at Brooks Movie Experts, usually two weeks before performances. Tickets can also be purchased in advance and reserved at the door. Some shows are sold on advance notice only.

Can I order my tickets online?

No. Currently, our tickets can only be ordered over the phone or in person.

Will I have an opportunity to meet the cast after the performance?

Yes, you can meet the cast in the lobby when they have had a chance to change out of costume.

How do I contact Tumbleweed Theatre or its members?
  You can email us directly at info@tumbleweedtheatre.ca or fill out or "Contact Us" form on the "Contact Us" page.  You may also call Cathryn Krochak at 403-793-3254.

Page last updated 09/13/11